Spiritual Dreams And Visions – The Good Ones

How To Start Experiencing Good Dreams And Visions

In our modern society many of us want and need everything now and fast. Many of us also need step by step instructions so that we can feel like we are, not only making progress, but at a certain point when we finish the steps we can raise our hands and say, I MADE IT! This is not altogether a bad thing. It’s just the society in which we grew up. The only problem with this type of approach is there are 7 billion of us living on the planet which means there are 7 billion different ways of accomplishing any particular goal. Therefore, the only way I can produce a list that is healthy for everyone is to turn your attention to Spiritual Quantum Physics. As I stated in my last Post, your CONSCIOUSNESS IS IN CHARGE. In other words, thoughts are things! But, hey don’t take my word for it. Research it for yourself and you can start with the experiments of Dr. Emoto. Your Consciousness is a measurable energy but it is not the purpose of this Blog to prove that to you. You can research that later in your spare time if you’d like. However, if you can accept that what I’m telling you is the truth, then I am going to move on to the topic of my information. By now everyone has heard of the power of Affirmations, Mind Over Matter, The Power of Suggestion, and Hypnosis. Ask yourself why do you think they work so well for some people? It is because your CONSCIOUSENESS IS IN CHARGE and you can manifest anything you want to happen in your life by the sheer power of your BELIEF and STATING THAT BELIEF OUT LOUD. Now here is the Quantum part. When your ears hear what you just said, your entire Being hears it and starts the process of manifesting it. I am now going to actually give you a list. It is not a list of steps to take but a Quantum list of Affirmations to say out loud. I advise you to say them every morning before you leave for work, school, the Gym, or just before you leave your home. These Affirmations will help to clear your energy field so that you can, yep you got it, START HAVING GOOD DREAMS AND VISIONS. However, here is a word of warning. Some of you, after saying these Quantum Affirmations, may hear that little voice in your head that always tries to stop you from moving forward. That voice may say something like, “Well you know you aren’t any of these things.” “You don’t believe any of this about yourself.” “None of this is going to work.” “You are just wasting your time.” My advice is DON’T LISTEN TO IT. Completely ignore it and continue your Quantum Affirmations until you don’t hear it anymore because that is the same voice that is the cause of you not experiencing the good dreams and visions you deserve.


  1. I am HEALED
  3. I am PATIENT
  4. I am STRONG
  6. I am LOVE
  7. I am LOVED
  8. I am a part of the FAMILY OF GOD

As with all of my Post, I always publish one of my own Dreams or Visions along with my personal Analysis so that you can make a comparison with your own to help you examine what is happening in your own life. The following is a Vision I had on Easter 2011.

4/24/11 – Easter

I had a vision last night. Before the vision began, I felt the light
of the Holy Spirit shining on me like I do in meditation. I was
looking out into the Universe from ground level. Two straight diagonal lines formed that separated the night sky into 3 sections. There were stars to the left of line on the left and stars to the right of the line on the right. They dotted the sky in no particular order as stars do. It was the stars in the
middle section that caught my attention because they also formed a diagonal line made of stars. I didn’t notice any difference in the stars to the left or right of the lines. However, the stars in
the middle began to shine brighter than the other stars like someone was turning on a light bulb. Starting at the bottom star they lit up one by one until they reached the 4th one. It was at that point that I fell asleep.   

As you might have guessed, seeing a Star(s) in a dream is always a good thing. It is a powerful energy that is symbolic of the clarity and truth you are emanating from within. When the Stars began to light up, they stopped at the fourth one before I fell asleep. The number 4 is symbolic of two things. 1. It means Balance or I am a balanced person. 2. It is symbolic of our Planet, Gaia. I will achieve unity with Gaia. I can tell you that, since I have the advantage of looking back on my life from the date of that vision to this one, I am well under way to both of those goals.


As always I wish to thank you for visiting my website. I hope that the information I have presented was helpful to you in some way. Also remember that this information is always presented as a tool and the best information you can find for you, first and foremost, can only be found within your own Being. You are your best authority and the Internet has a Plethora of information on any method you choose that’s right for you and comfortable to help you go within for answers. Some of them are right here on my Website. Even if you decide not to purchase anything at this time, if you just click on them to let me know you enjoyed or benefited from my information, I will get a commission which I would greatly appreciate. You are also welcome to leave a comment or question below and I will get back with you ASAP. Thank you once again and have a great evening.

Spiritual Healing Through Meditation – A Path To Health

Let Your Light Shine – Consciousness is King

Did you know that you can control everything that goes on in your body with your Consciousness.  This is because you have a Soul that is a piece of God and as a piece of God, you have power over Physics.  The study of this kind of energetic entanglement is called Metaphysics and Meditation is just ONE of the ways that you can utilize the power of your Consciousness to heal your physical and spiritual body. The following is just one of the healing experiences I have had during Meditation.




   I heard a voice say, “Now the best thing about this is
that you are going to do it yourself.” It was very low like almost
a whisper but I heard it. I then pictured the light of God over my
head as I always do when starting my meditations and I felt a surge
of energy go through me. I then became an Observer floating above my
body. I looked down and saw my body laying on the grass. The next
scene horrified me but I had to continue watching. Four of the
biggest worms I have ever seen were forced out of my abdomen by the
presence of the light. Two we pushed out of the left side and two
were pushed out of the right side. My body looked to be in pain but
I couldn’t feel anything because my consciousness was floating
above it. After this vision, I couldn’t help but open my physical
eyes. I am still trying to get that scene out of my head even now at
24 hours later. My God I am so glad that I meditate. How is it that
people can live down here without it is beyond me. But, I am
receiving the awareness now that everyone’s experience is different
and therefore mine are unique to me.  But,
you know what, I am determined to keep moving forward with my Spiritual Growth.  Like my
Mother told me before she crossed over, “If anyone can do it, it’s


     As I have stated on previous Posts, most of the time Spirit speakes in symbolic language.  Therefore, the worms are symbolic of aspects of my Being at that time that I didn’t want to acknowledge because they were feeding on the low energy within me due to my low self esteeme.  How did I come to this analysis.  Think ablout it this way.  In our world of 3D, worms feed on decay and things that are dead.  This is why they were used as the symbols in my Vision and why I had to get rid of them.  The good news is worms also leave behind fertile ground for new growth and that is why I felt so much better after the Light healed me.  Through the use of ALLOWING my Consciousness to let the light of God flow through me during Meditation, I was able to rid myself of the worms.  Finally, in regards to the Voice that spoke to me, I’ve had that gift since childhood.  It doesn’t speak on a daily basis.  It steps in when I need help and as you have read, I needed help that day.

Metaphysics To The Max – The Chaka System

Just as I didn’t know in the above mentioned Vision, many of us do not know about the various negative energies that may attach themselves to our Spiritual bodies as we go about our day.  We are unaware of it because we don’t feel it in the form of physical pain until a disease presents itself.  Yes, that’s right.  All diseases are a direct manifestation of lower Consciousness and thus can be cured by the raising of one’s spiritual vibration.  How can one raise their vibration?  My method of choice is Meditation and their is no right or wrong way to do it.  The internet is flooded with all kind of methods, books, and CDs on the subject.  I’m even going to put my favorites on this Blog for you to click on when I finish this Website.  My point is once you start clearing your Chakras of these negative energies, you will feel so much better and be less prone to illness and disease.  The 7 Major Chakras of the body are listed below.

The 7 Major Chakras Are:

  1. Root Chakra – Red – Responsible for lessons in Basic Trust
  2. Sacral Chakra – Orange – Responsible for lessons in Sexuality &
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Responsible for lessons in Wisdom &
  4. Heart Chakra – Green – Responsible for lessons in Healing
  5. Throat Chakra – Light Blue – Responsible for lessons in Communication
  6. 3rd Eye Chakra – Navy Blue – Responsible for lessons in Awareness
  7. Crown Chakra – Violet – Responsible for lessons in Spirituality


There is one MAJOR INGREDIENT I have purposefully left out of this entire Blog and saved for last because I wanted it to be remembered.  NONE OF THE ABOVE WILL WORK UNLESS YOU LEARN TO PRACTICE LIGHT, LOVE, AND COMPASSION TOWARDS EVERYONE YOU MEET.  Yes that includes your Mother-in-law, your Sister-in-law, your-Brother-in-law, and your Father-in-law. LOL!  I cannot stress this enough because guess what, if they ever read this I bet they may be thinking the same thing about you. LOL!  My point is, I understand that this lifestyle can be challenging at times because trust me when I tell you that I know that know one can “Push Your Buttons” like family.  They know all of your weaknesses and are not afraid to use them against you especially when they want something and you refuse to give it to them.  But, just remember that it is at those moments that you can choose to disengage and not participate in that energy even if you have to physically take a step back; do it.  If you feel you have to say something, say something nice about them and walk off.  It may take some time for them to notice but eventually they will realize that you are no longer participating in the usual family chaos they are trying to create.  Eventually, they may even tell you that they like the new you.  I have just given you the first steps that I took and you can choose to take in clearing the energy fields of your body.  This will eventually lead you to a longer, healthier, and happier life.  Blessed is the one who seaches for God and finds the Creator in any religion they choose in their own way that is best for him/her for the Love of God has no boundaries.

Dreams Of Fire – Meanings and Symbols


     If you have been dreaming of setting things or people on fire, even yourself, you are in great shape on a spiritual perspective.  This is because fire is symbolic of the Holy Spirit and you have decided you are fed up and completely DONE with any kind of darkness and negativity in your life.  Therefore, if you are setting fires then by golly you mean business! LOL!  Fire is the purifyer and cleanser of God so whatever you set on fire in a dream is going to stay cleared and cleasned.  The only problem is, because I have no idea of knowing what’s going on in your life, I can’t tell you when or where you are going to clear all of this negative energy.  But, I can almost guarantee you that if you think about it, you can answer that question yourself.  Ask yourself, or better yet your Higher Self, (You can even ask Jesus) what people, places, or things in your life are so dark and negative that you can’t stand to be around it any longer?  Then try to recall what you were setting on fire in your dream.  However, keep in mind that most symbols in a dream are symbolic of you as well.  For example: are you setting your house on fire or just something in your house?  The house is symbolic of you and it is you or something within you that the Holy Spirit is showing you needs to change so that you can move on from it in a positive and balanced way.  Finally, just speaking from my experiences with fire within the dream state, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE ULTIMATE CLEANSER AND IF IT’S ON FIRE, YOU CAN BET YOUR LAST DOLLAR THAT WHATEVER IT WAS HAS BEEN OR WILL BE EITHER TRANSFORMED  TO A HIGHER STATE OF BEING OR GONE.  Shissssssssssh, I never told my sister this but I had a dream years ago in which I set her on fire and burried her.  No, wasn’t angry at her.  This happened during a time in my life that I had decided to stop trying to be her, like her, and taking her advice on what I should do about different situations I was experiencing in life and just be myself because what she was telling me to do wasn’t working for me because it was what she would do.  Therefore, within the dream state, she was symbolic of the aspect of me that wanted to be her; so I set her on fire (Holy Spirit) and burried her.  The dream below is another example of fire (Holy Spirit) within the dream state.

HOLY SMOKES I’M ON FIRE!    11/18/18

  • In
    a past civilization, I was taken to the top of a Pyramid to be
    thrown in the fire and burned alive. My hands were tied behind my
    back. There was an Angel walking up the steps on each side of me
    but I didn’t know it at the time. I don’t know if I was pushed
    into the Pit of Fire or if I walked in because in the next moment of
    time, I was in it with the 2 Angels. As I looked around at all of
    the spectators, they were all gawking with their mouths open in awe
    and I was wondering what they were all looking at; not realizing it
    was me. LOL!


Here’s the irony of the above dream.  Dreams can come in 2 Catagories; Prophetic and Non-Prophetic.  In other words, Prophetic dreams can tell you what’s going to happen in the future or what has happened in the past in connection to your future.  Non-Prophetic dreams are the ones that help you solve the problems of your daily life in the present.  With the above dream, I felt like I was really there and my Intuition tells me that this actually happened to me in a past life.  Now at this point, either you believe in past lives or, as we say in Metaphysical Terms, “Reincarnation” or you do not.  That is your choice and I have no opinions or say on your choices.  I’m just explaining how it felt to me.  Therefore, I’m going to treat it like a Prophetic dream which makes everything in it not a symbol or metaphor of something else EXCEPT the FIRE.  This is because the fire still means that the Holy Spirit was present across the board whether it was a dream, vision, or OBE.  I say this because after the date of this dream, my spiritual experiences were not just ‘kicked up a notch,’ THEY LEFT THE PLANET!; Metaphorically speaking of course.     

Dreaming You Are Flying – Incorporating Higher Level Energy

The Procession Of The Equinoxes

December 21, 2012 has gone down in history as the day the world was supposed to end by those who misinterpreted the Myan Calendar. However, according to those who interpreted the information correctly, it was a day that marked a new beginning for our Planet. The Procession of the Equinoxes is described as a certain point in time when the Planets that orbit our Sun all line up in a row. This event did not happen on 12/21/12 but, it did happen and it marked the arrival of the new energy on the planet that laid beyond that date. When I had the vision below, the next planetary alignment was due on March 7, 2018. How I saw it 7 years ahead of time is still a mystery to me because the one before 2012 was in 2002. All I can tell you is that on Higher Levels it was a Quantum event as well as a 3D physical one. What does all of this have to do with dreaming you are flying? It is connected because dreaming you are flying is symbolic of your Higher Levels of mind showing you that you are being given or going to be given information that is on a Higher Level than you have received in the past. This information will give you the ability to be able to see the truth of any given situation in a way that will enable you to formulate solutions that are not based in darkness and negativity but formulate solutions based in beauty, integrity, light, and love. There are two types of flying dreams. There is one in which you are in your body. In other words you are able to see your arms and legs. The other is when you are pure Consciousness without a body but you still can see and observe everyone and everything around you. This is different from an OBE or Out of Body Experience in that OBE’s, can occur in and out of the dream state. In the vision below, I was an Observer as pure Consciousness and experiencing an OBE. However the symbolic meaning of flying is the same as in the dream state.



during meditation I saw the image of the universe and the Milky Way
Galaxy. I saw all the planets evolving around the Sun as they
usually do. The Milky Way Galaxy was already at a tilt but suddenly
it turned completely on it’s side, like a wheel, and all the
planets lined up in a row instead of being in separate orbits.



symbolic meaning of seeing a “Galaxy” is to be observing one’s
expanded sense of self. But, I found myself wondering what that
really means. Not to mention, I was looking at the Milky Way Galaxy
from out in the Universe. This has great significance because it
means that I will be given the opportunity to know and understand
what is going on not just on Earth but in the entire Milky Way
Galaxy. WOW! I am so excited. But, even though I have had many
wonderful experiences, I don’t think I have experienced my
“Expanded Self” or that which is my Universal Self. Who knows.
Maybe I have. Maybe this vision was it. It only lasted a few
seconds Tops and was so fleeting and subtle that I almost forgot
about it. Either way, I have always loved flying and especially
flying through the universe. There is some aspect of me that has a
memory of that.


As always, thank you for visiting my website. I hope it helped you in your understanding of your own dreams and visions. Please feel free to leave a comment and have a great day.


Vision Interpretation – Benevolence And Love


My Visions only occur when I am either in meditation or have my eyes closed.  Those of us who have Visions, at some level, have given our permission to our Higher Levels of mind to help us by utilizing this method to show us what we need to know in life.  This is an act of pure Benevolence and Love.  Because we have ‘Free Choice,’ the symbolic language of Spirit is only showing us the highest potentials of what could happen based on the choices we would probably make.  I usually do my Analysis of my dreams and visions right after I write them down while the images and intuitive feelings I get from them are still fresh in my mind.  The following Vision and its Analysis are no exception.  I’m telling you this because that old saying, in this case is true with hindsight being 20/20.  With that in mind, I can tell you that every single Analysis I gave for each vision was right on the money.  In other words, having the advantage of having lived my life from the date of the vision to this one I can tell you that every single vision has come true.



I had the following visions after waking from a nap at 2:22

1. A pop up window that appears on a computer.

2. A street lamp post that was on at night but dimly lit.

3. A. strange looking silver colored fish.

4. The letter “E” that was surrounded by what looked like rings of Clouds.
The “E” had created a ripple effect in the clouds. 
then sank down into the middle of the clouds causing it to funnel

5. The Earth out in space spinning.


6. The white horse with wings “Pegasus.” He flew right up to me and Landed.   

Pegasus scene 3D illustration

1. I had a message coming.

2. I may not understand what I’m about to see.

3. I’m going to receive new knowledge.

4. I’m entering a new cycle of spiritual development.

5. The Earth is beginning a new cycle as well and I will not only see it, but
be aware of it.

6. I will be given much Inspiration from my higher levels of mind.


As with all my entries, feel free to leave a comment, Vision, or Dream of your own and I will leave a quick Interpretation for you.  Also, feel free to click on a few offers.  Even if you don’e purchase anything, I’ll get a few pennies to Interpret your dream/vision.  As I said, it’s a Win Win.  Thank you so much for visiting my web page and be sure to come back next week to see the new dream/vision adventure.

Dream Interpretation – Answers to Your Life

You Are A Multidimensional Being 

The ability to interpret the symbolic language of dreams and visions can be done by anyone. Once you understand that everything in your dream is a symbol of your own thoughts, feelings, and spiritual growth; they become easier to understand when compared to what is going on in your daily life. However, this is where I am going to ‘draw the line’ (metaphorically speaking) on trying to convince anyone of what is real or not real. That is not the purpose of this information because if you are reading this, either you believe in dreams and visions because you have had them or you don’t. The purpose of this information is to help those who are having dreams and visions understand the information being given to them so that they can grasp a better understanding of why things are happening in their daily lives.  It is my belief that dreams and visions are given to humanity by God in order to help us.  I make that statement based on personal experience.  I base my interpretations of the meanings of the symbolic language given in dreams and visions on the Abrahamic Religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. While it is true that many dream symbols are personal to you, like family members within the dream, there are certain Biblical dream symbols that have meant the same thing for thousands of years. A good example of this would be seeing a Bird within your dream or vision. This means you are about to get an important message.  The type of Bird can even help determine the focus of the message.  Was the Bird a Chicken or a Dove?  Was it an Owl, a Duck, or a Peacock? Smiley snowy owlFinally, rest assured that nothing I enter here is ‘written in stone.’ In other words, these are my experiences and therefore the interpretations I give are unique to me and my situations. You are your greatest authority on what is best for you and I greatly encourage you to keep a dream diary, if you don’t already have one, and look within for your answers. My Blog is simply a tool that may help to grow your understanding. 

My Dreams 

I have been dreaming vividly and in full color since childhood but, my visions didn’t start until I was an adult. Most of that time I kept what I called my “Dream/Vision Diary” but I always wondered if there were others out there like me. Are you out there having the same dream experiences and/or the same visions as I? If so, THAT’S THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG. Every week I am going to publish a different dream and/or vision I have experienced on this webpage and interpret it afterwards starting with the following one below. It is my sincere hope that by doing so I will be able to help you understand your own dream/vision experiences which may help you move forward in your daily life. All I ask is that you give it a chance and most of all, leave a comment to let me know if you have experienced the same thing in a dream or something similar.  Finally, if you like the way I’ve interpreted my own dream, I’d be glad to give a quick interpretation of one of yours.  You don’t even have to pay me.  Just click on one or more (preferably more) of the products on this page and I get a commission just because you clicked on it.  You don’t even have to purchase anything if you don’t want to do so.  If you do decide to purchase something, I get a commission from that as well.  Either way, I get paid and you get your dream interpreted.  It’s a Win Win.  Even if you prefer not to leave a dream for me to interpret, how about just clicking on some stuff just to let me know you enjoyed my website.  The dream is as follows: 

The Berry Vines – Year 1992 


 The scene of this dream opened with my family, an ex-boyfriend and myself living in a one bedroom apartment. The apartment number was F1. I decided to go outside for a walk and some fresh air. During the walk, I happened upon some Blackberry and Raspberry vines. I could see that the Berries were ripe and extremely plump and juicy so I began to eat them. When I had finished, I ran back to the apartment to tell my family and ex-boyfriend about the berries I had found in order to get them to come back outside with me to help me pick them. No one would come and my ex-boyfriend even said, “Don’t bother me. I’m watching a movie.” I then said to him, “Well if you won’t come and pick them with me, don’t expect me to share them with you when I get back.  


In 1992 I was approximately 30 years old, fresh out of my Divorce from what had to be the least supportive man on the planet, and about to graduate from College with my B.A. It had taken me over 10 years to graduate partially due to my relationship with the afore mentioned man. The rest of my set back I blame on myself. Without getting into it, let’s just say I made my share of mistakes.   But, praise God I made it in spite of myself.  I had to graduate to prove to myself I could do it.  I also had to graduate just to get on my ex-husbands last nerve before I Divorced him.  I also got a great job that I loved at a great Bank. In this dream my Higher Levels were letting me know that I was about to reap the benefits of all of my hard work. In other words, the berries were symbolic of the fruits of my labor. Why wasn’t it some other fruit? This is because Berries are my personal favorite fruit. If you have had a dream about eating your favorite fruit, then you may be about to reap the fruits of your labors as well.  The letter F is the 6th letter the alphabet.  Six is symbolic of the Higher self and 1 means unity.  Since I was living in apartment F1, I am being told that it was my unity or connection with my Higher Self that helped me with the challenges I faced in getting through college.  These challenges also included the symbolic representation of my self-worth issues seen through the type of men represented in my ex-boyfriend and ex-husband.  I had to really work on myself in order to stop attracting and allowing these type of men into my life. 


You will find that I may not touch on every single dream and vision symbol as I interpret them but I will focus on what I think is the main message.  I am still working on this Website so you may not see anything to click on right away but, I will add more and more to it as time goes by.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read and explore my information.  Please put me in your Favorites so you can come back every week to see what new dream I have posted.  I started with a short one but you can believe me when I tell you my dreams are like a continuous action adventure movie.  They say Space is the Final Frontier.  I say “Nay.”  I say the Final Frontier lies within us all as Multidimensional Beings.  




About Deatrice

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for taking a moment of your time to visit my website. I want you to know that I Love you all and I will prove it by treating every visitor with the Unconditional Love, Kindness, Patience, and Compassion they deserve.


The goal of my website is to help those who experience Dreams and Visions interpret the meaning of the symbolic language given within those Dreams and Visions. This could help that person partially understand why things are happening in their daily lives so that they can open an opportunity to choose to move forward with confidence.


You may be wondering at this point what qualifies me to do this? Do I have a Masters or PHD in Psychology or Human Behavior? Truthfully, the answer is ‘No.’ I do have 2 Degrees, if it would make you feel better, but they are not in this field. I consider myself highly qualified to do this because I have been doing it for myself and others since childhood with miraculous accuracy. I will now partially ‘date’ myself by telling you that I have been interpreting dreams and visions for at least 50 years. I was born with a gift like ‘David the Dreamer’ in the Bible. If you recall he interpreted the symbolic language in Pharaoh’s dream that told him Egypt will have 7 years of good crops that would be followed by 7 years of famine. My gift partially stems from following my own intuition regarding what a symbol means and years of personal study on my own due to wanting and yearning to understand my own experiences from childhood to present day.



I want to help people because I want to utilize my gift to make this world a better place for all of our children and grandchildren. You can trust me when I tell you that I understand how challenging a recurring dream or vision can be especially if it is frightening. Walking around all day at work knowing you will eventually have to go home and go back to bed just to have the same frightening dream can be very stressful not just for you but for those around you. If you’ve ever wondered why your Supervisor is so mean and cranky every day, this could be the reason. Dreams and Visions can be very personal and thus not something that can be discussed at the water cooler or during lunch.  . This sounds funny and I can laugh at it myself on hindsight but I had a recurring dream for years of being chased by a T-Rex.  I’d wake up in cold sweats, breathing heavily, and sometimes even screaming. This is what is categorized as a ‘Chase Dream’ and can be stopped from happening by knowing the symbolic meanings of the other things or people within the dream. For example, the T-Rex always chased me through the city.  It was never through the jungle.  I also noticed that the T-Rex grew smaller as I grew older and more confident in my ability to take care of myself.  If you haven’t guessed it by now, the T-Rex represented my fear of the ability to take care of myself after moving out of my parents house and after college.  I have also had very miraculous dreams and visions in which I was flying or speaking with Beings that emanated so much light that I could hardly look at them.  Bright light coming from sun against blueI will be including my dreams and visions in my Blog and their interpretations according to my understanding if you wish to compare them to your own experiences. Finally, yes Dear One’s, I know there are energies on the planet right now causing nightmares in order to ‘Feed.’ To get rid of these you are going to have to raise your Vibration. I have information on how to do that as well. The ‘Catch’ is, after you have raised your vibration and gotten rid of them, you cannot go back to doing what attracted them to you in the first place or guess what’s going to happen? I realize that there are those reading this right now that have never experienced a dream or a vision and therefore either do not believe a word I’m saying or worse; consider me to be in league with the Devil. To those I say thank you for doing your part in keeping the world balanced so that it doesn’t grow too fast for all to keep up. What if you say to yourself at this point, “OK, I’m smart enough to look this stuff up myself. I don’t need to pay you to interpret my dreams and visions for me. I say, I agree. You are smart and you don’t need me. In fact, I advise highly that you go within and figure it out for yourself in your own way because looking for any answers outside of yourself is not a good solution. But, if you are not ready to ‘go there’ yet, I may be able to help you. Let me just say that trying to look all of this up on your own can be very confusing. Most of the information out there regarding dream interpretation is based in fear and control. I can’t promise I’ll have all the answers or that I’m always right. But, I can promise you that I’ll always do my best based on my experience and knowledge to interpret your dreams and visions in such a way that will leave you with not only the truth but with hope and inspiration. Why, because you are Family and I Love You. I don’t have any ‘Reviews’ or ‘Testimonials’ right now because this is my first time doing this with my own website. However, I have ‘Field Tested’ my gift, so to speak on ‘Yahoo Answers.’ They have a subject or category in which people can leave their dreams for others to interpret. I always received an email from Yahoo stating that my interpretations came back as “Best Answer.’ I’ll see if I can go back in my emails and find that information to post here. In the mean time, you can leave your dream or vision on my website in what ever way makes you feel comfortable IE, first name only, last name only, false name or pseudonym, no name or just anonymous. Interpreting your dream or vision may also help someone else who is having the same experience.



The goal of my site is to spread ‘Good News’ along with ‘Unconditional Love and Compassion’ by helping others interpret their Dreams and Visions. I will also be placing some products on my web page that I feel may be very beneficial in helping with focus and Meditation. I have also decided to leave this service free for now due to still building my website.  However, I do not know how long I will be able to keep it free.  I am only one person and if I am bombarded with hundreds or maybe even thousands of people leaving their dreams and visions in the comments section, I may have to shut it down just to get them all done in a timely manor.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,