A Blogger’s Way To Financial Freedom – Affordable To Everyone

What Is A Blog?

I think that’s quite a logical question because when I first heard that word, not only did I not know what it was, I laughed because I thought it was one of those funny words that always makes everyone laugh like: UNDERPANTS. LOL! When I finally got around to actually looking into it due to my research on trying to make money online, I was surprised and elated that it was about writing articles to post online that would be helpful to others with the same interest as my own. The reason I was elated is because I, unknowingly, have been Blogging all my life. I am still in possession of Journals I have written since I was 10 years old.  However, I have chosen one subject to focus on that is near and dear to my heart. I have kept a separate Dream and Vision Journal all my life and like ‘Danial the Dreamer’ in the Bible, I have become very skilled at Interpreting them over the past 40 years. As a result of already having this information ‘in hand,’ I decided to use my gift to help others Interpret their own Dreams and Visions by referring to my own as a Tool.  After you have finished reading this article, perhaps you’d like to scroll down and look over some of my entries just to get the feel or some ideas of what a Blog looks like if you decide to create one of your own.

Writing a Blog Is Easy – Important Things To Remember

  • Writing a Blog is easy because all you have to do is write about what is important to you. There are more than 4 Billion People on line and there are bound to be people out there with the same assorted-color yarnsinterest as you. Those people are actually looking for someone like you and are known as your ‘Target Audience.’ If you are a Chef or even just like to cook, you can write about cooking. If you like to sew, you can write about sewing. If you drive a Fork Lift, if you work in Fast Food, if you have a big family and raising 9 kids, you can Blog about the ‘Life Hacks’ you use to raise 9 children.
  • You do not need Technical Skills or be knowledgeable about running a Business to do this. You don’t even have to be a skilled writer. That is when that ‘ABC’ Spellcheck button you click on comes inbrown and black Wilson football handy before you Post any article.  One of the main keys to success is to choose a subject you already know a great deal about because it’s fun for you. Do you know a great deal about sports like Swimming, Basketball, Football, Running, Tennis, or Biking? If you do then there are people out there looking for you.
  • Building any business takes time, patience, and determination. Doing this is not going to make you rich overnight. But, if you can stick with it long enough, you can be on your way to financial freedom depending on how much time you are willing to put into it. For example, I work on my website every evening and on the weekends. How much time are you willing to put in to gain Financial Freedom?

Show Me The Money

You may be saying to yourself, “OK, I’m interested. Where does the money come into all of this effort on my part? Would you believe me if I told you that’s the easiest part to all of this? I say that because it’s true. Building your Website the proper way is what takes the most time and effort. How do you do that? Have no fear because I have the perfect solution. The Affiliate Marketing Program that is the Host to my website has a Step by Step Lesson Plan that even I could follow and computers were’not even invented until I was in college. LOL! The name of thatperson using laptop computer Program is Wealthy Affiliate. I knew nothing about how to make money Blogging and even less about how to build a Website. But if you know how to read and follow instructions, the Wealthy Affiliate video Training and Lessons will show you exactly what to do Click by Click. You can Pause it, replay it, and watch it again and again.  Because I have followed those Step by Step Lesson Plans, everything that I was told would happen has happened right on schedule. All of my Blogs have gotten Ranked and Indexed in Google and across the board on Yahoo, Bing, etc on the first page in Searches under my ‘Niche.’ A Niche is the subject I talk about. You’ll learn more about that in time and how to choose one right for you. Once you have been Ranked and Indexed, that’s where your money is because once Google has seen that you are an active website that is in compliance with their rules and regulations (ie; no sex, violence, or selling illegal items) they will start sending traffic to your website. It will trickle in at first but grow as time goes by. There are also all kinds of ways to ‘Drive’ traffic to your website that you will learn about as well. So what can you put on your website to sell and where can you get it? Guess what? ALL OF THAT INFORMATION IS COVERED IN DETAIL IN THE WEALTHY AFFILIATE LESSONS AND TRAINING.

Why Wealthy Affiliate Over Other Programs?

I chose Wealthy Affiliate in the beginning because I was a Blogger even before it was given the name of Blog. I have always loved writing therefore I knew this was something I could do. However, keep in mind what I said earlier in that your writing skills do not have to be perfect to make money doing this. The main thing that will attract people to your web page is the information that you have that can help them solve their problem. Remember, they are searching for you.  After I started the Training, I was shocked and amazed at how much I didn’t know and elated at how much I had learned regarding how to make money doing what I Loved; Writing and Helping Others. I could list at least 10 different Programs I have joined before this one and I can tell you that you will not receive the comprehensive and ‘right on point’ Training that is involved in Wealthy Affiliate. The ‘icing on the cake,’ metaphorically speaking, is the Affordable Price. Other online Programs ask for thousands of dollarsperson getting 1 U.S. dollar banknote in walletUP FRONT’ before they have even proven themselves worthy of your money. The Wealthy Affiliate Program only ask for 19.00 for your first month to give you time to go through the first few Lessons to find out if you think you can do this. After that it’s only 49.00 a month and even less than that if you purchase a year’s subscription. Realistically, it takes the average person about 3 to 6 months with a 9 to 5 job to complete the Training. That average depends on how much time you put into it. After that, it takes about 6 months to a year for your website to be bringing in about 1,000 a month and more depending on what you are selling on it. That is residual income that never goes away as long as your website is up and running. Now scale that up to 5 websites, 10 websites, 100 websites. Do you get the picture now? So how about it? WHO’S WITH ME! During your Training you can ask me anything you’d like and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll ask my Coach but I will find out. LET 2020 BE YOUR YEAR TO GAIN FINANCIAL FREEDOM FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER. YOU WILL FIND THE LINK BELOW.


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  1. Good information you’ve presented here. You’ve explained it very well. I like the enthusiasm and “follow me” attitude. I would break up the paragraphs into smaller sections. It will make it easier to read.

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thank you so much. I’ve been working on that. I’ve actually already revised it 3 times. You would not have believed the first one. LOL! But, I’ll definitely chop off more. You are the BEST!

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