A Dream About A Snake – The Truth About Snake Dreams

Snake Dreams Are Very Powerful and Important

It is obvious to most why snakes have obtained a bad reputation over the years. The biggest reason is because in the Bible the snake represents the Devil or Satan. Also in many snakes, their Venom is poisonous which doesn’t help their case at all. But, I’d like to give you a different perspective on snakes that may help you not to fear them when you see them within the Dream State because in reality it is a very powerful and important symbol.

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The Talking Snake In The Garden Of Eden

Was their really a talking snake embodied by Satan in the Garden of Eden? Many Creationist Christians believe that’s the way it happened. However, since I am somewhat skilled on the symbolic language of Spirit due to my own experiences over the past 40 years, I submit to you a different perspective on the matter. What if the Gardenpink flowers during daytime of Eden was Gaia or Earth? Adam and Eve are all men and women. Finally, the talking snake is the Kundalini Energy located at the base of the Spine that is coiled up like a spiral and looks like a snake. The Garden of Eden being Gaia and Adam and Eve being the human race are easy to compare. But why would the Kundalini Energy be symbolic of Satan? It is because this energy begins to uncoil and move up or down our Chakras (please see explanation of Chakra in previous Blog) as we make choices of Light or Darkness while living our daily lives. It is a part of the Knowledge of Good and Evil within us. It is our Free Choice to decide or choose whether you want your symbolic snake or spiritual energy to go up or down. As for me, I’ve seen what down looks like in myself and others so up is all I know or want to know at this point. LOL! Is there a Satan? That’s for you to decide. The purpose of my Blog is not to prove, disprove, or debate that issue. I only wish to open a different perspective on a 2,000 year old fear of snakes within the dream state.

The Light And Benevolence Of The Kundalini Energy

The Holy Spirit is the true power behind the Kundalini Energy. It guides the creative energy, life force, and healing power of everything we do. Let me give you an example of how I believe it works. What if you are a person who was sexually abused as a child. However, in spite of this, you managed to ‘shake if off’ so to speak and grow up to be productive member of society except for one thing. You find it hard to show Trust and Love in any kind of romantic relationship. In the language of Metaphysics, this is called a Blockage. It is a Blockage of the energy of Light and Love that needs to flow into your Heart Chakra. Who is Blocking it? You are because you subconsciouslyperson forming heart with their hands do not want to feel all the hurt, pain, and betrayal you felt as a child by those who abused you. Let’s say you have figured this out on your own because you knew something was out of balance and you had the ‘wear with all’ to look into it. Therefore, you seek help. You go to Therapy and that didn’t work. You read self-help books and that didn’t work. You start a vigorous exercise routine at the neighborhood gym to take your mind off of it and that didn’t work. Well, you get the picture. Finally, you are at your wit’s end and ask God or your Higher Self for help. DING, DING, DING, DING, FOLKS WE HAVE A WINNER! You go to sleep that night and YOU HAVE A DREAM OF A SNAKE THAT BITES YOU IN THE HEART.  Now here is where it gets tricky because most people’s response to this is fear. “Dear God what did I do wrong?” “Dear God why is this happening to me?” Maybe even, “Dear God why am I being attacked by the Devil (ie) I REBUKE YOU SATAN IN THE NAME OF JESUS!” When in fact, what just happened is the Holy Spirit healed and cleared the Blockage in your Heart Chakra so that in the future; IF YOU CHOOSE, you will be able to feel Trust and Love.  As always, I give and example below of one my dreams regarding the topic discussed.


The Snake And The Indian


 I was a young  Native American Indian woman and I was being chased by someone who was trying to put a small snake in the back of my neck.  At first, I was running on foot but towards the end of the dream, I drove a car.


This dream could also be classified as a ‘Chase Dream’ but I will discuss that in a different Blog. I have had plenty of those because I used to run from everything and everyone. LOL! I wish to stay focused on the snake or I’ll be up all night. LOL! Please take note of where the snake was trying to bite me. It was in the neck. Remember when I said I used to run from everything and everyone. This is because at the time of this dream, I was still struggling with communicating what I thought and felt with others and in different situations. I wrote everything down in my Dream Journal and otherwise. Writing was my pressure valve or how I coped with the stress in life. As the symbolic ‘Native American Woman’ my inner life and connection with Gaia was ‘on point’ but the Holy Spirit wanted to give me the ability to be able to verbally express my views in order to help others and Yes I did ask for help with this because I languished over the inability to do so. I grew into that fear because in the past whenever I spoke my views people would call my ideas stupid, silly, unrealistic, and some would even laugh. Whenever I raised my hand to speak they would say things like, “Oh Lord, here we go again.  Ms. Goody Two Shoes thinks everyone should hug it out.”   As a result, over the years I just stopped talking and offering up my solutions and simply walked off  because know one seemed to ever want or appreciate a Benevolent solution.   Although I didn’t see or feel this symbolic snake within the dream bite me, I knew it did intuitively and it can be seen within the dream at the end because I was running at first on foot but before the dream ended, I was driving a car. This means I had taken control of my life and with the benefit of ‘Hindsight’ I can tell you that since this healing snake bite occurred, I my fear of verbally expressing myself is gone.


As always I wish to thank you for visiting my website. I hope that the information I have presented was helpful to you in some way. Also remember that this information is always presented as a tool and the best information you can find for you, first and foremost, can only be found within your own Being. You are your best authority and the Internet has a Plethora of information on any method you choose that’s right for you and comfortable to help you go within for answers.  You are also welcome to leave a comment or question below and I will get back with you ASAP. Thank you once again and have a great evening.


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  1. In the area where I live there are loads of snakes. They usually say if you would like to overcome your fears then you should face them. Well here where I live you will face them on a regular basis, so if you want to overcome your fear of snakes, just come and visit my area lol.

    1. Hi Schalk,
      I liked and appreciated both of your comments so I approved both of them. I hope you don’t mind. You are more Intuitive than you realize because you picked up on the topic of my next Blog in regards to ‘Chase Dreams.’ I say that because you mentioned in your Comment that facing one’s fears is the quickest way to get rid of them. That is true. Unfortunately, for most it’s not always the easiest; myself included. Like I mentioned in my Blog, I used to run from everything and everyone which is why I have plenty of ‘Chase Dreams’ to choose from to Post. LOL! But, the one I have chosen is a real MIND BLOWER. If you are interested feel free to come back and leave a Comment this weekend. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. Dear Deatrice

    Well done on creating a very good looking website. I would like to commend you on the visuals that you are using throughout your posts. It really does help to bring your articles in perspective and provides a good all round visitor experience. I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year!

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