AB Blueland Cleaning Products – Being Green Is Easy

Are Blueland Cleaning Products Really Eco Friendly?

Are you a Nature Enthusiast that is active in helping to keep our Planet free of Polution?  Then Blueland Cleaning Products can help you to continue to do your part.  Anyone who has visited my website in the past can tell you that I like to keep my Reviews short, sweet, and to the point.  I don’t feel the need to make any reader sort through 3 to 5 pages of useless information just to find the one piece of information that prompted their search.  With that in mind, the information that I have researched and discovered regarding whether Blueland Cleaning Product are Eco Friendly is listed below:

  1. The Tablets used that you are instructed to drop into the bottle of water are ‘Cradle to Cradle’ Certified.  My first thought after reading that was what in the world does that mean?  Therefore, I will tell you.  LOL!  It lake beside green pine treesmeans that everything used to make the Product is as safe as possible for humans, everything can be recycled and renewable, and that Nature was respected in the making of the Product.
  2. The Plastic Bottles used are BPA Free.  Again, I had to ask myself what does that mean?  After researching that question, I discovered that BPA stands for Bisphenol.  This si an industrial chemical used in the making of certain plastics (such as water bottles) and other manufactured products that can cause problems with fertility, impotence in males, and heart disease.  I say thank goodness the Blueland Cleaning Products are BPA Free.
  3. The Blueland Cleaning Products are ‘Leaping Bunny Certified.’  If you are one who is serious about preserving the environment then you may already know what that means.  As for me, I found myself asking again, who is naming all these Certifications?  Basically, Leaping Bunny Certified means that there was no Animal Testing done to make the Blueland Products.

So there it is in a ‘Nutshell’ without have to read through when the company was founded, how many employees work there, who’s in charge, and how much money everyone makes.  Speaking of MAKING MONEY, how would you like to be making money as you use your Blueland Products at the same time? Warren Buffet said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”  Why not check out the link below since you are already here.


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Since this is a sight about Dream and Vision Interpretation, below you will find the following Vision and it’s Analysis that may help you with Interpreting your own experiences.


dream was of my brother and I. We were in my car which is the actual
car I drive in my daily life at this time; a 1997 Mazda 626. He was  three clear wine glasses on the desk
driving us somewhere and when we stopped, I went into some type of
Bar to look for someone. It was a man. As I was looking around,
there was a young white man with dark hair trying to get my attention
by making gestures with his hands and waving his arms. I did see him
but because he wasn’t who I was looking for, I ignored him several
times. Finally, when I did walk over to him, he covered his face
with a tobagin that covered everything but his eyes and mouth so I
walked away. The man I was looking for then walked outside to meet
my brother. We saw my brother across the parking lot and walked over
to him. I was very upset with him when I saw what he had done. He
had put his tools in the back seats of my car and got my seats and
trunk so black with dirt and grease that I didn’t even want to get
back in it. He had also taken the back seats out in order to fit
them in there and was in the process of putting them back in when we
approached him. I fussed at him about my seats then we all got in
the car and rode off with him driving. After this scene, I woke up.


This dream was definitely showing me some things that I have let slip in
my Spiritual Development. This first lesson that struck me the
hardest was that I wasn’t driving my car. O.M.G!, My brother was person with white watch driving car
driving. That is not good. It is also the reason my car was dirty.
The dirt in the car was the 2nd thing that bothered me the most upon
awakening. The reason these 2 things were shown to me is because I
have been using my logical mind or conscious mind to guide me in my
daily life instead of relying on my Higher Self and Holy Spirit like
I should. I also haven’t been meditating for about 6 months. The
reason for this is was due to some struggles I was going through in
my daily life mentally, physically, and financially. Those struggles
are now coming to an end and I’m feeling better but still a bit
drained. I need to be able to find a way to not allow the troubles
of life effect my Spiritual Growth in a negative way. I feel like I
already have found a happy medium to this problem since the original
writing of this analysis. Since in today’s society life comes at
you so fast that there is barely time to breath before something else
happens to through you off center, I have begun to do short
meditations whenever I find myself having to stand in line somewhere
or sit and wait for long periods of time. It doesn’t matter if I’m
in the Dentist waiting room or in line at the DMV, I imagine the
White Light over my head, close my eyes, and let it flow as best I
can. This seems to help quite a bit because even when I get home, I
have life events on my mind that distract me from meditating like
getting my daughter ready for school, getting the laundry done,
cleaning house etc. It’s not as good as actually sitting down for
an hour and meditating like I should but, I feel like it’s better
than nothing. But, as usual, only time will tell. I’m sure my
Angels will let me know how it’s going in a future dream lesson.


Due to the benefit of ‘Hindsight,’ if you have read any of my previous Post you will know that my Angels did let me know that these brief daily meditations did help me a great deal to get back on track and I am now symbolically, driving my own car again or in charge of my life.  




4 thoughts on “AB Blueland Cleaning Products – Being Green Is Easy

  1. Hello Deatrice,
    I love any product that is Eco Friendly so I am going to order from Blueland. Thanks for the great Review. Regarding your dream, you said you were driving a car; I had a dream in which I was driving a Bus. What does that mean?

    1. Hi Tammy,
      Thank you for your Comment. I love Eco Friendly products as well. Also, if you were driving a Bus you have the potential to do great things my friend. In other words, the bigger the vehicle you are driving; the bigger your potential or accomplishments. I say whatever you are doing right now, ‘PUT THE PEDDLE TO THE METAL AND GO FOR IT.’ Have a great evening.


  2. Yes! Being green is easy. Especially today when so many of these environment friendly products are easily available.

    Thanks for explaining the different certifications. I use many of these green products, and I understand how confusing it can get with all the various certifications. Till today, I would see a new one and be surprised by it.

    Just like I am surprised by the Leaping Rabbit certification. And happy to know what it means.

    I will definitely look out for Blueland now that you have enlightened me on this choice. Thank you so much!

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