Connection To The Higher Self – Love Is The Key

A Connection To The Higher Self Through Dreams

Let me just open your awareness of one thing up front before I write anything on this subject. We are born as a piece of God because we have a Soul. Whether you believe this or not is your free choice and debating the existence of God and your Soul is not the purpose of my Blog. I speak to Believers and Non-Believers alike because it doesn’t change the fact that you are ALWAYS connected to your Higher Self. The confusion only arises within the analysis of trying to explain how the energies of our Spiritual Bodies interact with each other and that leads me to the subject of my Blog. Dreaming is one of the ways in which your Higher Self communicates with you. What is your Higher Self? Where is your Higher Self and what is its purpose? I will answer these questions according to my belief and awareness but I encourage you to follow your own path that you believe is right for you. There is no ‘ONE TRUTH,’ with the exception of ‘GOD IS LOVE,’ because there are 7 billion people on the planet with their own path to God. Your Higher Self is the part of you that is pure energy. It’s been with you since the day you were born and for those of you who have seen your past lives, it was with you for those lives as well. I cannot point to it to satisfy anyone’s Intellect or Ego and say, “Here it is or there it is,’ in order for them to put a clamp around it and measure it. But, it can be felt within the energy that surrounds you if you are paying attention and most of all, IF YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO FEEL IT. Believe it or not, you communicate with your Higher Self daily. It is simply a matter or becoming aware of or realizing it. It happens through your Intuition and it even keeps you safe. For example, here are some ways you get communication from your Higher Self in which some of you may relate. When the phone brown rotary dial telephone in gray painted roomrings, do you have a feeling you know who it is before you answer it? Have you ever had a strong feeling that you needed to leave a location and then you find out later that right after you left, something terrible happened. Have you ever had the feeling that you needed to turn left or right, whether walking or driving, and when you followed that feeling something good happened. Your Higher Self is your direct LINK, as we say in Wealthy Affiliate LOL, to your Soul which is your direct LINK to God. Therefore, you could say that God is with you every moment and second of the day and knows your every want and need. The purpose of your Higher Self is to help you and guide you into situations that will cultivate your Spiritual Growth. Your Higher Self is not stupid and it can speak to you in 3 direct ways. You can also talk to it any time you want. You talk to it just like you would do with any of your best friends because it knows more about you than you know about yourself. I have discussed the first way which is through your Intuition. It can also speak to you directly using actual words that you hear with your ears or telepathically. Finally, it can speak to you in Dreams and Visions.


Dreams From The Higher Self (vs) Dreams From Worry And Fear

It is very easy to tell the difference between a dream that was given to you from your Higher Self and a dream that occurred due to the worries and fears of daily life. This is because the dreams given from your Higher Self are always, ALWAYS full of benevolence and Love which you can still feel when you wake up. Dreams that occur due to worry and fear follow this same profile in that they leave you feeling worried and full of fear when you wake up. ALL, ALL, ALL, worry and fear is caused by the programming we have received while growing up and certain horrific events that happened in past lives. Most of us are not aware of these programs and don’t bother to look for them because they were taught to us by those we Love and respect as simply being a part of life. For example, I have a neighbor pair of pink boxing gloveswho about a week ago began to pound and bang on my other neighbor’s door. She was screaming at the top of her lungs for at least an hour as she banged on the door, “Get your X@#$%^& out hear right now and fight me you X@#$%^&. I’m going to kick your X@#$%^& all up and down the street.” This continued from about midnight to 1am and one of the reasons it was bothering me was because I was still up trying to finish a Blog I was working on in my WA website. LOL! This is an example of her being programmed by those she has loved and trusted that this type of behavior was normal. She believed that this is how she was supposed to react to the situation that upset her. She either watched the adults she loved as she grew up behave this way or they directly advised her to behave in that manner. Let us imagine then that when she finally went home and went to bed, she had a dream in which she was physically fighting with someone. Therefore when she woke up in the morning, she was still full of anger, worry, and fear. As always I will now enter below a dream I had in which my Higher Self spoke to me.



When I fell asleep, I heard the most beautiful voice say out loud in the air as if talking through a loud speaker,

The children of today are also the children of tomorrow and if Manifestation hangs from their hair; girl in white sweater on grass field during daytimeit is because they have earned it.”


happen around me, to others, and myself because the Holy Spirit and my Higher Self are always with me. These are the Manifestations that hang from my hair. The length of one’s hair within the Dream State is symbolic of how much Spiritual Energy is flowing through you from your Crown Chakra that links you to your Higher Self. If your hair is long, that’s a good thing. If you are covered in hair, that’s very good. But, if you are bald, let’s just say you’ve got some work to do on yourself. My Journal is full of these Manifestations. I have earned this energy because of my past experiences within the lives I have lived on the Planet. I am also a ‘child of tomorrow’ because I will have many more lives on the planet after this one. There are many who have lived past lives on the Planet so what made the difference between my life and theirs that allowed me to be given spiritual gifts and not them? I will use the life of Jesus as an example. He advocated for Light and Love all of his life and look at what happened toperson standing on stage him. Look at the life of Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and Gandhi. It didn’t end well. I have been given the opportunity to see some of the endings of my past lives. I have been buried alive at least 3 times. I have been burned alive in bonfires. I have been hanged. I have been choked to death. I have been eaten alive and I have drowned.  I wasn’t shown what I did to have my past lives end in such a way but, considering what my Higher Self said about me ‘earning’ my spiritual gifts, it had to be because I have always been a strong advocate for Light and Love.  So the real question is, how do you strengthen you connection to your Higher Self?  I believe Jesus said it best and I’m going to paraphrase it into 2 words:  LOVE EVERYONE.


As always I wish to thank you for visiting my website. I hope that the information I have presented was helpful to you in some way. Also remember that this information is always presented as a tool and the best information you can find for you, first and foremost, can only be found within your own Being. You are your best authority and the Internet has a Plethora of information on any method you choose that’s right for you and comfortable to help you go within for answers. You are also welcome to leave a comment or question below and I will get back with you ASAP. Thank you once again and have a great evening.


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8 thoughts on “Connection To The Higher Self – Love Is The Key

  1. Really great read. I will tell you that what you are saying about fear and childhood programming is spot on.

    I have been through a good amount of counseling and it took many years for me to learn why I live with anxiety and fear. Why I act out of fear. The reason is that I grew up in fear. Fear of my father especially.

    It has taken me a long time to try to overcome that and sometimes it’s still a battle. But you are right. If I look at the miracles around me that should give me better comfort and perspective.

    1. Hello Daddy Poorbucks,
      Thank you for your Comment. Your Comment almost made me cry because although I would not use the word “Abusive” to describe my Parents, they did believe in Corporal Punishment when they felt my Siblings and I had done something wrong. Those are moments in a child’s life when there is know one there to help them or even hear them screaming. My Heart goes out to you and all of those who have endured this experience. However, you should know that this also was a Program that was ingrained into your Father by his Parents, who were ingrained by their Parents and back through the generations. One reason is because it actually stems from a ‘misquote’ in the Proverbs section of the Bible. The ‘misquote’ is “Spare the rod, spoil the child,” which was in a poem written by Samuel Butler in the 1600s. But, the verse in Proverbs actually reads, “He who spares accountability hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him.” LET ME JUST SAY TO ALL WHO READ THIS THAT THERE IS NOT ONE WORD IN THAT PASSAGE THAT TELLS YOU THAT YOU SHOULD BEAT YOUR CHILDREN NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK THEY HAVE DONE. This DARK PROGRAMMING FROM OUR PARENTS has to stop somewhere and since I believe in ‘Being the Change’ I have NEVER beaten or even spanked my daughter and she turned out just fine. Mr. Poorbucks, I am proud of you for being able to move through your fears and lead a normal life. Unfortunately, there are some who never get over this Parental Betrayal of Love and Trust which is one reason why our Prisons stay overcrowded. I’m going to stop right there because I don’t want to get ‘Preachy.’ LOL! It’s just that as a former Teacher for 17 years, children have always been close to my Heart. Thank you Mr. Poorbucks for giving me the opportunity to speak up about this issue and God Bless You.

  2. I appreciate the information shared in this article. It allows to have a introspective look at one relationship with the person and his soul . It is good to self reflect and see how you are doing in your personal life and interaction with the Universe as a whole ..Thanks for the share .

    1. Hi Erick,
      Thank you for your Comment. As Gandhi said, “We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.” Your Comment is very insightful in that self reflection is one way to find out if one is a part of the problem or a part of the solution. If you wish to move forward with it, just close your eyes in a quiet moment and ask, “God, are you there?” LOL! I know you will be pleasantly surprised when He/She answers you. LOL! How do I know you will get an answer? I know because all Parents Love their children and God’s Love for you is infinite. If you decide to do it, I advise you not to put any expectations on when, where, or what you think the answer will be. Believe me, you will know the answer when it comes. LOL!

  3. Interesting article. I also had some fear from past lives I had to deal with as it caused claustrophobia in this life. Flashes from past life showed me. I’m glad I got rid of it.
    Love is the key. I think it sounds a cliche to many but if you feel love with yourself and everyone else, you have compassion, understanding for their flaws and it can heal them as well.

    1. Hello Lenka,
      Thank you for your Beautiful Comment. I have felt your Inner Beauty from the very beginning which is why respond to you the way I do. Your Spiritual Growth is also comparable to my own in that you have been given the gift from Spirit to have been able to see some of your Past Lives in order to heal the issues they may be causing in the Present. I also find you to be very Wise in that you have developed the understanding that the energies of Love and Compassion are the keys to healing ourselves and others. Oh you make me wish I could do some kind of ‘Mind Meld’ with you so I could show you all of the wondrous experiences I’ve had with the Holy Spirit and the Light and Love of God. If you don’t already have one, I advise you to start a Journal of your experiences because this has helped me a great deal especially regarding experiences that are Prophetic in nature. This is because when the experience you had in your Dream or Vision manifest itself in your daily life, you will not only have proof of the date and time you had the Dream/Vision about it but also; it establishes a deeper trust of Spirit to be able to guide you through life without doubt. You are welcome to return to my website at any time to leave a Comment. I try to Publish a Blog at least once a week. Thank you again and have a great evening.

  4. Hi,

    I used to have what they call PTSD and General Anxiety. They told me to take medication, I decided to follow my gut on solving this problem from the root instead of covering it up with medication.

    I simply put affirmations all over my house and would leave on affirmation videos when I feel asleep. I was doing this because my intuition told me to reprogram my brain.

    Now I am only attracted to people who can channel information from their higher self in very direct ways. Like telepathically, and I am becoming more and more aware of my higher self.

    I have dreams almost everyday that last with me all day, the thoughts about them do not disappear immediately as they used to (that was when dreams were nightmares). Now all the ideas and dreams I have are stored in a mental notepad and come out when I need them.

    I also feel in pure alignment basically all day every day now… happened slowly and gradually. First I felt good only for minutes then I mastered it up to all day.

    I feel my higher self is trying to teach me that I am eternal. I am having a lot of thoughts that tell me, “you are having a wonderful time here on earth” and “don’t worry about those not aligned, they will get another chance in their next life to align”. I only notice I am different from most people when I drive or go to a store. I can feel what everyone is thinking, its weird. I can sense everyone’s feelings and thoughts. When walk by them, I feel as if my energy touches them. I think that my energy gives away the fact that I am different.

    I feel different, because I understand that I operate from a spiritual point. I don’t operate from a physical point of view. I feel I am only a guest in this body, yet I am not my body. I am a purely spiritual, when I think of myself as pure spirit is when I feel aligned. That is why I continue to believe I am an extension of my higher self.

    I always since a kid, been only attracted to speak with people who are unconditionally loving and I can sense they are old souls. I do feel really old, though my life many people have noticed my soul and said I have an old soul. I forget my body is young at times.

    Thank you for showing me this article. It is nice to find people who are also connected at a high level to their higher self.

    1. Hello Adilene,
      Thank you so much for your Comment. You are ‘Right On Point’ regarding listening to your Higher Self through the use of your Intuition. In fact, I am Impressed at how good you are at it. I have some good news for you. The reason your Spiritual Gifts have grown and will continue to grow is because once our Planet (Gaia) made it past December 21, 2012, we graduated from a 3rd Dimensional Planet into what is called Ascension Status. That means so much that I cannot explain it all here in this Forum but I will touch on a little bit of it and give you a website to visit in your Private Message Box so that you can meet other Old Souls like us with Spiritual Gifts like ours and grander. But for now, Ascension Status means that due to the Old Souls like us who have been dedicated to spreading Light and Love, there will be no 3rd World War nor an Armageddon. WE MADE IT AND THIS PLANET IS GOING TO BE SO GRAND IT WOULD BE UNRECOGNIZABLE TO ANYONE FROM THIS TIME PERIOD IN ANOTHER 100 YEARS. I know that’s a long time to wait but, don’t worry about it because all Old Souls will be there. The reason it’s going to take so long is because the Darkness on this Planet is going to fight to stay in power and control until it’s last breath with the belief up until their very end that they are right in their Darkness. This Darkness has no particular Race or Country but I want you to continue to ‘HOLD AND SPREAD THE LIGHT’ because that is one of the reasons you are on the Planet right now. I also want you to do your best to keep your heart in balance because this is the year that a great deal of those working with this Darkness are going to show themselves. You are going to see more of the exposure of those dealing in Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery of children. You are going to see more of the exposure of those in the medical industry keeping people sick for money. But, I don’t want you to despair when you see these things but instead see it as joyful because it means that the Old Souls like you and I are the ones that are exposing them in order to help clean up the Darkness on the Planet. Believe me when I tell you that there are a lot more good things happening on the Planet right now than things that are Dark. The ‘so called’ News is just not reporting it because they are only reporting what they think people want to see in order to make money. Finally, the reason your Spiritual Gifts are going to grow in strength is because Gaia is moving closer and closer to an area of Space in which more Light can reach it than ever before and the Old Souls are the first to experience the effects of it. Those who are living their lives based in Light, Love, and Compassion will grow in strength. However, those who are living their lives based on and invested in the Darkness will become more Dark until they expose themselves due to their belief that they are right in the things they are doing not even realizing that the public will reject it as unacceptable due to the increasing amount of Light on Gaia. I’m going to end this now Adilene due to other things I need to do before the night is over. Just remember that I am sending you a website to visit in your Private Message Box in which you will find other Old Souls like us who are working on Gaia’s Ascension. I think you will be Pleasantly surprised at what you will find and I know it will tie up all the loose ends of information you have been looking for.


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