Spiritual Dreams And Visions – The Good Ones

How To Start Experiencing Good Dreams And Visions

In our modern society many of us want and need everything now and fast. Many of us also need step by step instructions so that we can feel like we are, not only making progress, but at a certain point when we finish the steps we can raise our hands and say, I MADE IT! This is not altogether a bad thing. It’s just the society in which we grew up. The only problem with this type of approach is there are 7 billion of us living on the planet which means there are 7 billion different ways of accomplishing any particular goal. Therefore, the only way I can produce a list that is healthy for everyone is to turn your attention to Spiritual Quantum Physics. As I stated in my last Post, your CONSCIOUSNESS IS IN CHARGE. In other words, thoughts are things! But, hey don’t take my word for it. Research it for yourself and you can start with the experiments of Dr. Emoto. Your Consciousness is a measurable energy but it is not the purpose of this Blog to prove that to you. You can research that later in your spare time if you’d like. However, if you can accept that what I’m telling you is the truth, then I am going to move on to the topic of my information. By now everyone has heard of the power of Affirmations, Mind Over Matter, The Power of Suggestion, and Hypnosis. Ask yourself why do you think they work so well for some people? It is because your CONSCIOUSENESS IS IN CHARGE and you can manifest anything you want to happen in your life by the sheer power of your BELIEF and STATING THAT BELIEF OUT LOUD. Now here is the Quantum part. When your ears hear what you just said, your entire Being hears it and starts the process of manifesting it. I am now going to actually give you a list. It is not a list of steps to take but a Quantum list of Affirmations to say out loud. I advise you to say them every morning before you leave for work, school, the Gym, or just before you leave your home. These Affirmations will help to clear your energy field so that you can, yep you got it, START HAVING GOOD DREAMS AND VISIONS. However, here is a word of warning. Some of you, after saying these Quantum Affirmations, may hear that little voice in your head that always tries to stop you from moving forward. That voice may say something like, “Well you know you aren’t any of these things.” “You don’t believe any of this about yourself.” “None of this is going to work.” “You are just wasting your time.” My advice is DON’T LISTEN TO IT. Completely ignore it and continue your Quantum Affirmations until you don’t hear it anymore because that is the same voice that is the cause of you not experiencing the good dreams and visions you deserve.


  1. I am HEALED
  3. I am PATIENT
  4. I am STRONG
  6. I am LOVE
  7. I am LOVED
  8. I am a part of the FAMILY OF GOD

As with all of my Post, I always publish one of my own Dreams or Visions along with my personal Analysis so that you can make a comparison with your own to help you examine what is happening in your own life. The following is a Vision I had on Easter 2011.

4/24/11 – Easter

I had a vision last night. Before the vision began, I felt the light
of the Holy Spirit shining on me like I do in meditation. I was
looking out into the Universe from ground level. Two straight diagonal lines formed that separated the night sky into 3 sections. There were stars to the left of line on the left and stars to the right of the line on the right. They dotted the sky in no particular order as stars do. It was the stars in the
middle section that caught my attention because they also formed a diagonal line made of stars. I didn’t notice any difference in the stars to the left or right of the lines. However, the stars in
the middle began to shine brighter than the other stars like someone was turning on a light bulb. Starting at the bottom star they lit up one by one until they reached the 4th one. It was at that point that I fell asleep.   

As you might have guessed, seeing a Star(s) in a dream is always a good thing. It is a powerful energy that is symbolic of the clarity and truth you are emanating from within. When the Stars began to light up, they stopped at the fourth one before I fell asleep. The number 4 is symbolic of two things. 1. It means Balance or I am a balanced person. 2. It is symbolic of our Planet, Gaia. I will achieve unity with Gaia. I can tell you that, since I have the advantage of looking back on my life from the date of that vision to this one, I am well under way to both of those goals.


As always I wish to thank you for visiting my website. I hope that the information I have presented was helpful to you in some way. Also remember that this information is always presented as a tool and the best information you can find for you, first and foremost, can only be found within your own Being. You are your best authority and the Internet has a Plethora of information on any method you choose that’s right for you and comfortable to help you go within for answers.  You are also welcome to leave a comment or question below and I will get back with you ASAP. Thank you once again and have a great evening.


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